About VvAA 

The association VvAA plays a central role in the Dutch healthcare sector, providing services for over 117.000 professionals, organisations, and students in the medical field.  Since its conception in 1924, VvAA has developed as a partner for medical professionals for the duration of their careers. 

Its activities encompass insurance, financial services, consultancy, and accounting, tax, and legal advice. Additionally, VvAA offers advice in relation to the setting up and managing of a practice, various educational tools, coaching, travel through their own travel agency “QualityTime”, Mobile Doctors; a platform for health innovators, and the monthly magazine “Arts en Auto”.

The head office is situated in Utrecht, with regional VvAA offices spread throughout the country.  

About Mobile Doctors 

Mobile doctors believes that we can improve the quality of healthcare together. For this reason Mobile doctors have created an environment in which health innovators can share their knowledge and be inspired to brainstorm, develop and implement digital advances together.

Mobile doctors offers both an online and offline platform, where innovators can share their stories. Processes of change within innovation, communication and digitalization are often knowledge-intensive, therefore we offer products and services to support these progressions.

Examples of the products and services we offer are: Masterclasses, knowledges-sessions, discussion panels, research, and whitepapers.

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